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Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association

Featured Project: McCormick Creek
RFEG: Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association

NSEA removed three consecutive barriers, two culverts, and a concrete dam. The culverts were replaced with steel bridges. Approximately 300 feet of new channel was constructed, mimicking upstream and downstream reference reaches, and providing fish passage to 1.1 miles of largely-undisturbed spawning and rearing habitat.

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Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group

Featured Project: Pressentin Park Side Channel
RFEG: Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group

SFEG worked with Skagit County Parks to restore a historic side channel of the Skagit River at Pressentin Park in Marblemount.

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North Olympic Salmon Coalition

Featured Project: Kilisut Harbor Restoration Project
RFEG: North Olympic Salmon Coalition

The Kilisut Harbor Restoration Project made accessible 2,300 acres of critical salmon habitat by reconnecting a historic tidal channel between Oak Bay and Kilisut Harbor, which had been blocked for nearly four decades.

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Pacific Coast Salmon Coalition

Featured Project: Salmon as Food and Nutrients
RFEG: Pacific Coast Salmon Coalition

A nutrient enhancement program that helps to provide vital nutrients back into our watersheds as well as providing salmon fillets to our local food banks for families in need.

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Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group

Featured Project: Seabeck Bridge and Culvert Replacement Project
RFEG: Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group

HCSEG replaced a 72-in undersized culvert and failed fish ladder with a 60 ft. bridge over Seabeck Creek, providing access to 7 additional miles of spawning habitat upstream for salmon and steelhead.

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Chehalis Basin Fisheries Task Force

Featured Project: Geissler Creek Fish Passage Barrier Correction
RFEG: Chehalis Basin Fisheries Task Force

CBFTF opened up 2.35 miles of spawning and rearing habitat for five species of salmonids by removing three barriers in the Wynoochee River Basin, and by replacing them with two bridges and one bottomless arch culvert.

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Willapa Bay Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group

Featured Project: Oxbow Creek Remote Site Incubator
RFEG: Willapa Bay

Staff, board and volunteers of Willapa Bay Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group install Remote Stream Incubators (RSIs) each year. RSIs are systems often installed in streams to allow salmon eggs to be reared and released with minimal handling. Some years, they have released 1.4 million fish!

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Lower Columbia Fish Enhancement Group

Featured Project: South Fork Toutle: Little Cow Creek Restoration
RFEG: Lower Columbia Fish Enhancement Group

LCFEG improved off-channel habitat to address key limiting factors for ESA-listed fall Chinook, coho, and winter steelhead in the upper South Fork Toutle River.

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South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group

Featured Project: Clear Creek Monitoring
RFEG: South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group

SPSSEG is assessing salmon and trout utilization in the Clear Creek watershed, ID tagging over 2,000 young fish to assess fish use and the impacts of barriers.

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Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group

Featured Project: Youth Opportunity Program
RFEG: Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group

Crews of immigrant and refugee youth learned about restoration and green jobs, while restoring streamside plants in Auburn.

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Mid Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group

Featured Project: Quartz Creek Large Wood Replenishment
RFEG: Mid Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group

MCF thinned and placed 63 trees into Quartz Creek to reduce fuel loading, improve fish habitat, and implement part of a vision for landscape-scale restoration.

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Sound Salmon Solutions

Featured Project: Grant Creek Riparian Project
RFEG: Sound Salmon Solutions

Restored a riparian buffer on both banks of Grant Creek (by removing invasive plants and replanting with native vegetation) with goals to increase habitat diversity, reduce in-stream temperatures, provide woody inputs, and supply runoff filtration. The project involves community volunteers, an engaged landowner, local school groups, and local fishing groups.

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Cascade Fisheries

Featured Project: Minnow Creek Fish Passage
RFEG: Cascade Fisheries

Cascade Fisheries completed the third and final fish barrier correction in Minnow Creek, opening 3.74 miles of high-quality habitat in the Upper Wenatchee subbasin.

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Tri State Steelheaders

Featured Project: Salmon in Schools
RFEG: Tri State Steelheaders

Students raise salmon in classroom tanks, learning about salmon’s lifecycle and needs, then release them into local streams each spring.

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